About Us

Chola is the collective outcome of authentic South Indian cuisine and the passion to create an exciting fine dining experience.

Our Tale

The Cholas are known as one of India's longest ruling dynasties in the southern states. In this part of the history, a new culture emerges, and art flourishes like never before. This joyful period of history is still reflected in the temples and literature of the time.


Of Chola

The name Chola is derived from the great Chola Empire of Tamils. Cholas were one of the prime seafaring and colonizing empires of the classical world from 320 BC-1279 AD.

Cholas presented their culture and of course their food to the countries they traded with and ruled. For example, The Thai food and their culture are heavily influenced by the Tamil cuisine due

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Chola has been offering Tamil Food right from 300 BC to till date. Some unusual offerings on our platter are: Food on Banana Leaf as a serving option, Chennai style bar snacks, An extraordinary contemporary restaurant design with a touch of Tamil Architecture, International featured menu, 5-star chefs, World-class Indian food, Dosa revolution and so on.